March 11, 2021 4 min read

March 11. 2021

Natural and organic cosmetics have been part of women's culture for centuries and always implementing a complete routine that provides the ideal facial care. 

When talking about natural cosmetics it is easy to go back to Ancient Egypt and highlight Cleopatra as a distinguished pioneer recognized by history on the use of natural beauty rituals that ranged from immersion baths in donkey's milk to the application of honey masks to show off velvety skin.


Cleopatra's care routines and her relationship with beauty are still so relevant that the world of natural cosmetics has expanded to a great extent thanks to its obvious benefits.

 At present, although women do not take immersion baths in donkey's milk, they are eternal allies of plants, natural herbs, and essential oils that provide tangible benefits in women and in those men who are a little more adventurous and determined who are launched to enjoy the wonderful world of natural cosmetics.


 The naturalness and harmony with nature revitalizes us


A few years ago the Western culture decided to opt for natural alternatives that would provide benefits to our health, in this way, holistic medicine began to have relevance, then we moved to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and now, we have natural cosmetics going strong and with points in favor to stay.

The reason for its expansion through various continents and great recognition by Western culture are the obvious benefits that can be obtained with the constant application and use of organic and natural products. Such is the case with beauty companies and industry brands that have begun to open their doors to include organic and natural ingredients that have become consumer favorites.

 On the other hand, we are committed to an industry inclined towards natural cosmetics with products made to create a perfect harmony between the renewable raw material that Mother Earth offers us and to create effective products for skin care.

 The commitment to the protection of the environment and biodiversity highlights the importance of a beauty industry based on natural ethics, free of animal cruelty that allows us to provide quality, sustainable, healthy, and ecological cosmetic products.


Benefits of organic cosmetics

 We might think that the efficacy of organic cosmetics is lower than industrial ones, but it is the opposite. Being formulated with natural ingredients and not containing harmful additives, natural cosmetic products care, regenerate and protect the skin much more effectively than industrial cosmetics, highlighting the benefits in a shorter period because the skin absorbs natural active ingredients very quickly and effectively.

 Therefore, we will detailthe most relevant benefits of natural cosmetics:


  • The best option for the care of any type of skin.
  • Highly recommended forsensitive and reactive skin.
  • Eliminates the risk of secondary skin problems caused by the application of industrial products. Many conventional cosmetic products tend to cause unwanted effects (dryness, redness, and irritation) because they contain chemical ingredients.
  • Increases hydration and regeneration of the skin with ease as it is made of natural ingredients.
  • Helps to protect the skin because they are products that are not aggressive.
  • The ingredients used are rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals which are natural active ingredients related to our skin.
  • Provides better care and protection against external aggressions (UV rays and pollution) that generate free radicals and can affect the skin.
  • Being composed of natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, it provides us with all its advantages and this makes it have a greater affinity with our skin.
  • Penetration into the skin is immediate since the essential oils found in cosmetics are lipophilic and have the facility to mix with the lipid mantle (which is a protective layer of the skin) achieving a fusion between the oils and the skin to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.


Advantages of Natural Cosmetics  


 Consumers of natural and organic cosmetics are people with reactive and delicate skin who are intolerant to chemical ingredients.

 But not only this, it is currently easy to find consumers who point to the philosophy of ecology with a positive impact on health. They are people who care about the environment and want to contribute to its care, therefore, they resort to this type of product that respects nature while taking care of their skin.


  • This cosmetic is made with natural, organic ingredients and renewable products which favor the protection of the environment.
  • Much of the raw material used in the production of natural cosmetics are plants, extracts, and essential oils, which provide great benefits to our skin.
  • You don't have to be a chemist to understand the ingredients. It is very difficult to read a long list of ingredients and chemical compounds that are not easily understood and recognized.
  • Natural cosmetics try to add ingredients in their formulas that are similar to the lipid mantle of the skin, and here we have an essential virtue of the natural product, which seeks to integrate substances that have the highest possible affinity with the biochemical composition of the skin.
  • The ingredients used do not cause ecological damage during harvesting or transportation.
  • When making cosmetic products there is no genetic manipulation, this ensures the reproductive cycle of plants.
  • Does not contain chemicals such as preservatives, silicones, plastics, artificial perfumes, or synthetic aromas.
  • It does not use chemical components derived from petroleum or artificial additives, so they are not toxic. Although the doses are small, the effects of prolonged use affect health. For example, substances such as arsenic and lead were found in some face makeup.
  • Natural cosmetics have a social commitment and are ideal for lovers of ecological philosophy.
  • It benefits the environment.
  • It does not produce chemical residues.
  • The products arenot tested on animals.
  • They do not produce side effects on the skin such as allergies, irritations, or inflammation.